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We live in an age that is divided along party lines. Stark divisions over time weaken our body politic and soften our resolve to aspire to our best selves as individuals and citizens. The New Democracy Coalition seeks to move beyond partisan rancor and appeal to the better angels of us all.  We are dedicated to the proposition that democracy respects no class over another, favors no race out of bias, respects gender equally and cares compassionately for the hurt and the disabled. We envision that democracy be fulfilled in the lives of all citizens, especially historically disenfranchised groups such as African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, young people and individuals suffering from disabilities.

The New Democracy Coalition produces results that advocate for new laws that broaden democracy We produce local and national forums to educate citizens, especially youth, on the importance of civic engagement.  We work with local and national organizations on voter protection issues and provide training and consultation on voter civic literacy projects.  The New Democracy Coalition hosts community volunteer events, youth leadership training and policy advocacy, and recognizes local and national citizens for their efforts.

Our Mission

During a time when it seems our democracy is at risk, we seek to renew civic hope that leads to a more abundant public life.


We seek partnerships that lead to a renewed vision for fairness and public flourishing.

Civic Literacy

A majority of Americans can not name their congressional representative.  And, despite the increase in voting among youth in 2004, young people between 18 and 24 are the most apathetic citizens.  The Civic Literacy Project (CLP) seeks to increase the public’s understanding of democracy through the use of the public forum, a youth leadership institute and policy advocacy.

Civic Policy

New Democracy Coalition’s Civic Policy Initiative (CPI) recognizes that old laws and policies are sometimes the barriers to full and active electoral participation.  In a modern and fast-paced society, voting has become a challenge for many citizens.  There is never enough time in the day for voting.  And voter registration deadlines make participation difficult.  The CPI seeks to advocate for new laws that increase voter access.  Under this initiative, New Democracy Coalition supports Election Day Voter Registration.

Electoral Justice

Election Day should be fair and free for all.  In many instances it is not.  Because Election Day is still not fair for all, especially the poor and for people of color, New Democracy Coalition strives to advocate on behalf of voters who encounter injustice on Election Day.

“You can not describe anything without betraying your point of view, your aspirations, your fears, your hopes. Everything.” 
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