We live in an age that is sadly divided along party lines.  We differences are appreciate, stark divisions over time weaken our body politic and softens our resolve to aspire to our best selves as individuals and citizens.

New Democracy Coalition seeks to move beyond partisan rancor and appeal the better angels of us all.  And so we are dedicated to the proposition that democracy respects no class over another, favors no race out of bias, respects gender equally and cares compassionately for the hurt and the disabled.

 New Democracy Coalition is about results related to advocating for new laws that broaden democracy.  We also produce local and national forums to educate citizens, especially youth, on the importance of civic engagement.  We work with local and national organizations on voter protection issues and provide training and consultation on voter civic literacy projects.  New Democracy Coalition hosts community volunteer events, youth leadership training and policy advocacy, and recognizes local and national citizens for their efforts.