At the Democracy Lab, youth from inner city communities in Boston engage in a six-week civics intensive program that builds leadership and civic capacity through peer-to-peer and service learning.

The summer program was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003 on the premise that urban youth find few opportunities to learn about politics and explore how public policy impacts conditions in their community. Even fewer opportunities exist where youth in poor and underserved neighborhoods engage with civic leaders, the justice system and institution heads across the city, the region and the state to explore questions of social justice and public policy.

Using a uniquely designed Civic Literacy Curriculum that emphasizes contemporary culture to EXPLOre such ideas as equality, liberty and freedom, youth are challenged to formulate richer understanding of what constitutes citizenship, THEIR ROLE AS SOCIAL ACTORS AND the complex nature of democracy and human rights.

More importantly, youth are guided AND ENCOURAGED to conceptualize public policy responses to contemporary political problems.

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