New Democracy Coalition was founded in 2001 in the wake of the controversy surrounding the presidential election of 2000.

A non-profit and non-partisan organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, the organization focuses on the simple goals of renewing civic life and expanding democratic opportunities for all.  Committed to collective civic action and social change through education and policy reform, New Democracy Coalition seeks to ensure that each citizen—notwithstanding gender, class, creed or color—enjoys the rights of democratically inspired participation.

New Democracy Coalition is a membership organization consisting of a growing coalition of social service, civil rights, community-based, advocacy, business, academic and individual partners.  These partners collaborate on various civic projects toward the goal of creating an expanding and sustainable democracy.

New Democracy Coalition is a non-profit organization.

 “Democracy is more than a set of beliefs, a

slogan or a concept to which we pledge

allegiance. It is the tool through which we

pursue liberty, happiness and a more abundant

life. It is the practical means

of coming together to practice the ways we

wish to govern.”

 -Kevin C. Peterson, Founder