Re-arranging the election process so that citizens participate in self-governance is critical to the goals of achieving democracy.  By utilizing innovative and tested public policy approaches, we can create new laws that guarantee great voter registration opportunities and ensure that voters have easier access to the election process.  We do this by focusing on effective Civic Policy.



Investing in civic awareness processes and projects so that citizens gain knowledge about the democratic process and how to use it is a way to restore functionality and confidence inn our democratic system again.  The more citizens know about democracy, the more likely they are to be involved in the process as citizens in the system of self-governance.  We at New Democracy Coalition seek to build civic capital.  We do this by in investing in Civic Literacy.



Ensuring Election Day is fair for all is the paramount concern for everyone involved in a democratic process.  Only then is democracy viewed as an achievable goal.  We at New Democracy Coalition advocate for those for whom justice and fairness at the voting booth on Election Day has not been present.  We therefore advocate for the most modern and effective voting machines, universal and standardized poll-worker training and a clear election process.  In this regard, we advocate for Electoral Justice.